Thursday, July 3, 2014

YMCA - Exciting News

Yeswecansir is excited to announce we have given a grant to two young boys which will enable them to attend the Capital District YMCA day camp for one week this summer.

Their names are Dylan (age 6) and his brother Brady (age 8). Dylan was diagnosed with Leukemia one day before his 3rd birthday. He spent a week in the PICU and underwent multi-blood transfusions, bone marrow aspiration and started Chemo. Dylan just finished his last Chemo treatment in March 2014.

Both boys have been involved with the YMCA Circle of Champs program since July of 2011. This program is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children who have been touched by a life threatening illness. YWCS is excited to be associated with this program and IS looking forward to working with them in the future.

Thanks to all for your continued support-whether it be monetary donations, volunteering your time or relating your ideas/suggestions, your continued efforts have helped to make yeswecansir successful.

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