Friday, June 3, 2016

Testimonial from One of Our Families In Need

This is from one of the many families we helped:

Yes we can sir is a wonderful organization.  They help families in their time of need.  They helped our family not only once but twice.  The first time was to help us with travel expenses going back and forth to NYC which became very costly.  My husband and I had to miss a lot of work so their donation to our family was a tremendous help.  The second time was to help us take our Son on a vacation to Florida because all he wanted to do was go swimming because he had the picc line in for over a year and could not.  So we had his picc line removed and took him to Florida to swim and he loved every minute of it.  They are an amazing, caring, organization and we are so very grateful for all of their help.
               - Sincerely, The Loya Family

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